Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today's plans

Today will be a day of relaxation followed hopefully by celebration!!!
My wife is taking her GCSE maths exam today, which for an adult is a massive thing!!!
Best of luck although I know she can do it!!
While the small and I wait here, these are my morning plans.....

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Satisfying day

Today was an okay day.....
I have finished my shawl although I have to bind it off still but need to google the picot bind off....
I bought yarn for my next project Elizabeth Zimmerman's pi half circle (I will have to add a link)
And we made the local paper
I also got a return to work date but the rest of the happy stuff is enough to keep me afloat!

Just the short update tonight as feeling a little under the weather....

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunny Days

Lovely afternoon today spent with a fabulous friend and her boy on the rolling hills of the Denbies estate. Children played while we picnicked and chatted, shame I had to dash off after the train tour ride......

Spot more knitting this evening, only 5 rows left before attempting a dreadful picot edge for the first time!!!!
Hope to get a little assistance at knit group on Friday.

For now, enjoy my view from this afternoon

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Knitting for therapy?

Knitting Therapy

Knitting is the new therapy!  If you feel sad, low or need calming then pick up your needles and yarn!
I had a bit of a breakdown at the beginning of the year and am now being helped by medication..... not something I'm especially proud of but then I'm not really ashamed either.  I have had regular appointments with a CPN (community psychiatric nurse) and am now in therapy but actually the thing that has aided my recovery the most is knitting!!!
I taught myself to knit because it was something I wanted to learn for a craft fairy I was participating in (like secret santa but you make the gift) and it was not only a roaring success but I found the act of creating with yarn quite cathartic and haven't really put down the needles since.
I have joined a knitting group at which meets every Friday mornings 10am til noon and have met the nicest people ever!  I am not the youngest or oldest but age doesn't matter there, it truly is just love of the yarn!!!

I am currently working on Holden's Shawlette which can be found on I'll add a link when I start to work this blog stuff all out, along with pictures.....

Until then - toodlepip!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Too many addictions...... not enough time!

I have several addictions......... Slings, cloth nappies, Lego, farmville, cafe world, DS/PS3/Wii....
The list is truely endless! My addictions can last for years but the thrill can also be gone as soon as I have bought all the appropriate bumf...........

The DS and laptop phases have never waned....not even a little! In fact the laptop has gone from strength to strength..... We have to have electric hookup for our camping holidays..... just for the internet access (and the kettle)

I am happy, though! I love my children, DP and laptop.....not necessarily in that!

We shall see..... is my twitter account a thing of the past......??? Maybe I'll start blogging!!!